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The Story of

fur baby bakery

At Fur Baby Bakery, we care about our ingredients like we care about our pets.


All the recipes are as simple, but as tasty as possible without risking the health of your fur babes! 

There's something about our pets.

Whether we hunt down a breeder or walk through a humane society - There is something about the way our pet chose us, and we choose them. A glance, a look in their eyes, the way they snuggled you the first time you held them in your arms. Truly, all melt worthy moments.

For most, our animals are more than simply a 'pet'.


They are our family. 

Fur Baby Bakery was created out of love and gratitude. 

Piper (to the left), Ruby (above), have tested and approved all recipes and treats! We wanted to share the love for healthy snacks and treats with you. 


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